Monday, 6 April 2009

SAS - (Swiss Army Suit)

We were recently asked to endulge on a project by a customer of ours that he had been thinking about for some time.

The idea was that of a multi-functional suit, ie. in his words a "Swiss Army Suit"...

The reason for this unusual but great idea was to cut down on the number of things that he needed to pack for trips, whilst still wanting a gulf between formal and casual wear.
The end result was a 3-piece Suit which could be worn with either the waistcoat or not, and a jacket with inter-changeable buttons to transform it from a suit jacket to blazer or to a more relaxed sports jacket, with Mother of Pearl buttons.
Judge for yourself the contrast in outfits by changing the buttons and accessories.

Bill (Voxsatoria) posted this article, which caused quite a stir on StyleForum.
If you wish to read the thread you can click on this link. The SwissArmySuit™: a sartorial strip tease


  1. The man should be publically stoned for such an idea...but his tailor must be commended on the its fine execution. This idea is quite functional given a single jacket can handle both formal/business functions and the more causal/semi-formal settings more appropriate for he blazer and odd trouser...sans vest

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