Friday, 24 July 2009

October 2009 - USA Travel Itinerary

Steed are happy to announce the October 2009 USA Itinerary & due to the success of the Washington DC trip in June, Edwin will again be visiting The Capital.


Monday, 5th October

The Drake Hotel

140 East Walton Pl

312 787 2200


Washington DC

Wednesday, 7th October

The Hay-Adams Hotel

Sixteenth & H Streets

N.W. Washington

202 638 6600


New York

Friday, 9th October & Saturday, 10th October

The Kimberly Hotel

145 east 50th Street

212 755 0400



Monday, 12th October & Tuesday, 13th October, till noon

The Eliot Hotel

370 Comnmonwealth Ave.

617 267 1607

Congratulations to the staff at the Eliot Hotel after being voted the #1 Small Hotel in the US & Canada and One of the Top 20 Hotels in the World! By Travel & Leisure - August 2009
I look forward to meeting customers, old & new alike and as always I will be offering both my Semi-Bespoke & Bespoke service.

I carry a wide selection of cloths but if anyone has any particular requestes for a certain bunch, please don't hesitate to ask.

Obviously the days between cities I will be traveling. However, there maybe an opportunity to see customers, late afternoon, early evening of those days.

If you’d like to make an appointment, I would appreciate it if you could contact me prior to the trip, so that I can organise my day to accommodate everyone.

Best regards,

Edwin DeBoise

Steed Bespoke Tailors

+44 (0) 20 7287 7227

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Steed In Print

Whilst in Washington, I met up with a lovely lady called Gilda Haber who grew up in Bethnal Green, in the East-End of London, where coincidentally my Father also grew up. She however now resides in DC.

Gilda has written a short story which has recently been published, called Mourning Becomes Electra, in which Steed Features.

The story revolves around Gilda herself, a hat designer and maker by trade (Hats By Haber) and a Widow named Mrs. Knox, who came to her for an Elegant Black Satin or Silk Hat for her late Husband's Funeral.

Steed is mentioned in the section of the story below, where the latest husband of Mrs Knox visits her for a hat of his own and Gilda notices the Steed label.

"I seized his jacket and read the bespoke tailor’s name embroidered inside the inner right breast pocket, “Steed of Savile Row.” Every good tailor kept a list of his clients. Even if he’d altered his name, I knew his unusual suit color and fabric. "

"Tomorrow, I would call Steed in London. I now turned and held up his jacket, the softest blend of wool and cashmere, delicious to the touch. $1,800 a meter, a Prince’s raiment, and helped him slide his arms into it."

Steed has also been mentioned in Ed Hayes' book, Mouthpiece, as one of his tailors.

Maybe one day we will be mentioned as 007's favourite tailor?