Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Back In The USA

Well, Here I am again on one of my quarterly trips to the States, with fittings aplenty & new customers to see, hoping that I’m not going to see the credit crunch.

Wall St. Up again today & a strong dollar, things not looking too bad. (Mustn’t grumble, I could but it wouldn’t do me any good, as my old dad use to say).

Anyway, whilst having my usual glass of California’s best & a Drake Burger at the Coq d’Or plus trying to stay up, till at least 11 o’clock, (my cure for jet lag) I remembered the story of a cutter, who joined one of the bigger tailoring establishments in Savile Row & was asked if he would do the travelling to the States.

The chairman enthused that he should not be inconvenienced by his time away (about 3 weeks) & that he should treat it, like home from home & not miss out on all the pleasures he enjoyed back here.

Upon his return, he presented the chairman with his expense bill, which was quite substantial. The chairman raged at the amount & demanded an explanation. "Well said the chap, you told me to treat my time away like I would at home & at home I enjoy a descent bottle of wine a first class meal & the company of a good women" (Or words to that effect). Needless to say his time was short lived there.

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