Thursday, 3 September 2009

Make Do And Mend

With the recession taking its toll, people are saving their pennies on the fashion front and turning to S.I.Y. (Sew it Yourself), for a whole new wardrobe. S.I.Y. being the modern day term for "make do and mend".

Sales of sewing machines are up and an attitude of make do and mend seems to be sweeping the nation. Tesco Direct recently revealed sales of sewing machines have increased by 198% compared to this time last year and the number of people appling for Sewing classes at local colleges and night schools has also seen a sharp increase.

All this sudden interest in the trade can only have a good affect on the rest of us, in terms of people deciding, they might want to come into the trade or just take a keen interest and learn more by visiting the forums that we have mentioned in previous posts. We have seen evidence of this interest, by the increase in the number of CV's that we have recieved of late, asking about potential apprenticeships.

Although this is the case, we have had our best year to date, since Steed started back in January 1995, to the effect of the amount of regular emails and phone calls that we recieve, enquiring about our services at the top end of the market.


  1. That looks very much like the treadle Singer sewing machine I use. I'm all for people sewing it themselves, in part because they might learn how much work goes into really good clothes, something that would be helpful to your business, would think.

  2. It may well be the treadle Singer, we have one similar at home. Hopefully you're right as I don't think people realise how much work is actually involved in making a bespoke suit.