Monday, 17 May 2010

Please Don’t Fly The Union Flag The Wrong Way Up...

I know, it sounds trivial and there’s not much that irritates me but it’s just one of those things that I notice.

Now I can forgive The Waldorf in New York for flying it upside down, as it was when I was there in April but our flag bearer at the Winter Olympics was proudly waving it around when it was attached the wrong way up, for a news bulletin. (Luckily that was the day before the ceremony and the BBC was inundated with calls and emails and it was swiftly corrected).

So, I couldn’t let it go and had to pop into the Waldorf and explain their mistake, (pleasantly I might add). Now we all get that I’m embarrassed by my parents feeling, as Matthew did, so he stay outside but and as I pointed out to him. If the Ritz in London were flying the American flag upside down, I’m sure it would be, politely pointed out to them. Its just that it’s not so apparent with the Union flag. Oh and by the way it’s only called a Union Jack when it’s on the back of a boat. 

Anyway, whilst walking by the following day, Matthew had noticed that The Waldorf had taken the flag down (probably to be safe, as how did they know I wasn’t pulling their leg) and replaced it with the German flag, much to Matthew’s amusement.

Do you think they were trying to tell me something?

Also for those of you who are interested, an explanation can be found following this link...

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