Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Steed Tailors MTM Dinner Suit & Sports Jacket Specials!

Due to the popularity of our previous Steed MTM Spring/Summer Collection Special and the requests from customers about extending the range available. We are now also offering some dinner suiting's, blazer/sports jackets and odd trousers, again at a fantastic price for our Semi-Bespoke (MTM) Suits!

Normal price for a:
3-Piece Suit would be £1030
2-Piece Suit would be £840
Sports Jacket/Blazer  £600
Trousers £260

3-Piece Dinner Suit £1190
2-Piece Dinner Suit £960

Spring Special Price:
3-Piece Suit would be £825
2-Piece Suit would be £675
Sports Jacket/Blazer  £480
Trousers £210

3-Piece Dinner Suit £960
2-Piece Dinner Suit £770

This is an approximate saving of 20% on our normal prices!

Best regards,
Edwin & Matthew DeBoise
Steed Bespoke Tailors


  1. I like that green hanky. Do you also have suits for fall?

  2. Hi Christina,

    These cloths are actually 11oz so they will also be great as sports jackets and blazers for the fall.

    We actually forgot to put a time frame on this offer so we will extend it until the end of November as a show of good faith.


    Matthew DeBoise