Friday, 25 May 2012 Re-Launch!

After months in the works we are very close to the re-launch of our main website

Steed where actually the very first tailors on Savile Row to have their own website way back in the 90's, when unlike America, the internet in the UK was still in it's infancy.

The idea of creating a website for the company was introduced to us by my father-in-law who was always into computers and new technology since his retirement from The Armed Forces and where he was instrumental in using the latest technology and software. He explained about this concept of the internet and how at the moment it is relatively small but within a year or so it will suddenly boom and grow into a major tool for business' and for how everyday people will use the internet and its capabilities beyond what at the time was unimaginable! Turns out he was more than right!

The first version of our website was pretty basic but it was just a foot in the door into the cyber world and gave us a marketing base for our new company. A few years down the line it was time for a re-vamp which is the same site you see at the moment at

It is a nice and clear site and we still get compliments on it to this day, however as times are changing we felt it is time once again to re-vamp the site and take it a stage further and to offer much more in terms of usability, valuable information and visual ideas as to what Steed can offer our great customers.

We started to throw around some ideas back in November 2011 between myself, Matthew, Andrea and David McNeil of Revo Creative and came up with a substantial list of things we would love to incorporate in the new site.

One of which was a unique feature which we are sure might again be a first for Savile Row!

Its is a bespoke customer login.

This feature is available to all of our bespoke customers and their username will be their email address and a password of their choosing when they register for the feature.

This will allow access to their own personal space on our site and will be able to track current orders that are in process through a interactive time-line. Matthew will be updating the system as the customers suit is going through each process. Much like we documented various stages through our blog episodes called "A Work In Progress"

There will be a standardised format of text that will explain each stage but the photo's will be unique to that order. For example you will see photo's of your own paper pattern, and the cloth that has been chosen being cut.

Each customer will be able to post comments and questions in a box at the bottom of their personal page which we will reply to asap.

Other features of the new site will be galleries of our work and video's which we will start posting over time.

Also one of the other main differences with the new site is that we will be incorporating our Blog Steed's View which is here on blogger. This mean's when the site is fully functional any new posts on the blog will be posted at and not here at

Whilst we are creating this new site we thought it would give us a great opportunity to give the company a fresh look in terms of our new colour scheme which will be seen on the new site and you can see on the photo. We are in the process of having new labels created and suit covers of which some of you may have received with the latest garments that have been finished.

The site should be going live once we get back from our upcoming trip to The States (Link to dates below) as we just need to input content which Matthew will be doing while we are away.

Once the site goes live please bear with us while we iron out any creases and teething problems the site may have in terms of the bespoke customer login feature.

Best wishes and we look forward to seeing many of you on this upcoming trip next week.

Edwin & Matthew

Steed Bespoke Tailors

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