Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Steed in Sin City?

Steed in Sin City?

This Saturday, May 2nd marks the day of one of the biggest boxing fights of all time! Mayweather Vs Pacquiao.

Avid Boxing fans have been waiting years for this fight and it is finally here, live in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Everyone here at Steed will be forking our for this Pay-Per-View event which starts at 4am UK time. Possibly complimented by a few beers…

We will also be looking out for our friend, client and Former World Middleweight Champion, Darren Barker who will be wearing a Steed suit whilst working as a pundit covering the fight. Over a coffee last week he gave us his prediction of a draw. Stating that there is too much money to be made by all parties for there not to be a re-match plus the fact it’s just too close to call.

I’m actually one of the few who are in Floyd’s camp whilst also predicting a 11th round TKO win for Floyd.

Anyway, with all of the extensive coverage of this showcase, with Las Vegas once again being the backdrop, coupled with our few days of fun there for Dad’s (Edwin’s) birthday before we started our February trip, we’re considering the idea of introducing a stop in Las Vegas during our October trip.

However to take the plunge, just like when we added San Francisco to our full time schedule back in 2013, we would need to first gauge the interest in adding a 7th city to our itinerary. Then weigh up if it is viable and makes good business sense.

The idea is to go from San Francisco to Las Vegas, have a couple of days fun followed by a day of work and seeing any perspective clients before then heading on to Nashville.

Dad and I currently visit 6 cities in 16 days with only 1 day of respite so it would be nice to add a couple of days of fun in “Sin City” whilst being able to expand our U.S client base further.

If you are local to Las Vegas or a nearby city and are interested in what we have to offer, please get in touch with us via

We would appreciate it if people could contact us in the near future so we can make a decision by August.

Enjoy the fight on Saturday!


Matthew & Charlie

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