Monday, 15 August 2011

Steed Expands to China

Its an honour for Steed to announce that we have been invited out to Beijing, China to take part in the China International First (Beijing) Private Custom Made Products Exhibition, in September of this year. Where we will be showcasing our Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring Services to the East-Asian market.

This exhibition has invited luxury custom-made brands from countries all over the world, such as Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The United States, Japan and China.

These brands include prestigious names such as Alfred Dunhill, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Hermes, George Cleverley, Patek Philippe and of course Steed.

This will be Steeds first foray into China as we look to start a new chapter by introducing the unique world and experience of Savile Row to the Chinese people.

Steed have been given this great opportunity as a result of an article that Matthew wrote last October and was published in the November edition of TIDE Magazine, which is the largest fashion magazine in China. We were given a 10 page spread of which four were in English and six in Chinese.

When we were first approached to do the article, we were asked to write it as more of a journal in which it could be used to tell the story of Savile Row and the history of Steed and my own personal life growing up on Savile Row and following the family traditions in Bespoke Tailoring.

The main purpose of the article was to educate the reader about the history and traditions of Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring and the differences of it compared to the modern day fashion trends of designer brands and their off the rack services.

Accompanying myself and Matthew on the trip is our friend and new China Marketing Director Bin Gao who has been instrumental in the setting up of this exiting trip to China.

We would also like to thank Xuewen Cao the CEO of TIDE Magazine and General Manager of the sponsor of the event Zhong Huang Culture, for inviting us to take part in such a prestigious event.

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