Monday, 26 September 2011

Steed Tailors - October 2011 - USA Itinarary

Steed are pleased to announce that Edwin DeBoise will be returning to the United States in October 2011.

Edwin will be travelling with his older brother Jon DeBoise of Castle Tailors & Rodger Talbot of Hilditch & Key.

Please note the change of hotels in DC, New York City and Boston for this trip only. .
If you wish to contact Edwin during the trip, you can call on Steed's American Cell Phone Number below:

617 794 0039

                                                                                      New York

Wednesday, 12th October till Friday, 14th October

The Barclay Intercontinental Hotel

Suite 1241

111 East 48th Street
New York
NY 10017
212 906 1587 


Sunday, 16th October & Monday, 17th October 

140 East Walton Pl
                                                                                 312 787 2200

Washington DC 

Wednesday, 19th October  & Thursday, 20th October till Noon

Embassy Suites 
(Opposite Marriott Hotel)

1250 22nd Street NW
DC 20037
                                                                                    202 857 3388



Friday, 21st October & Saturday, 22nd October till Noon

The Langham
250 Franklin Street
MA 02110
                                                                                  617 451 1900


We look forward to meeting customers, old & new alike and as always we will be offering both my Semi-Bespoke (MTM)& Bespoke service

We carry a wide selection of cloths but if anyone has any particular requestes for a certain bunch, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Obviously the days between cities we will be traveling. However, there maybe an opportunity to see customers, late afternoon, early evening of those days. 

If you’d like to make an appointment, we would appreciate it if you could contact us prior to the trip, so that we can organise our day to accommodate everyone. 

You can also contact us on our American Cell Phone number below:

617  794 0039

Best regards, 

Edwin & Matthew DeBoise 

+44 (0) 20  7287  7227 

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