Tuesday, 31 January 2012

London Lounge - Cloth Club Current Available Inventory

Further to our recent announcement last week about the special promotion that we are running in collaboration with Michael Alden and The London Lounge's Cloth Club. Please find below photo's and information on the current stock that is available from Michael.

Customers that have already purchased lengths from the Cloth Club that have yet to have them made up, are also welcome to our promotion if they place the order before March 31st 2012.

Also there are plans for a couple of re-runs on previous LL cloths that have sold out, information on these are also below.

Current stock:

Light Grey Brisa Chalkstripe (LLBR10)

This cloth is perfect for the spring and we have made it up a couple of times before as both a SB & DB and it looks fantastic!


RAF Blue POW (LLBR09) 

Again another spring cloth, we have yet to make up this cloth but look forward to doing so in the near future.

LL Agnelli Flannel (LLFL09)

This is a beautiful blue flannel with a brown overcheck. We are currently making this up for a customer in NYC and Dad has since decided he is going to have to take our customers lead and have it made up himself!

LL Blue Shetland Tweed (LLTW20)

This cloth is the sibling to the very sucessful Brown Shetland Tweed with crimson window pane which can be seen below.

It was also featured in our series of articles named...
"A Work In Progress" and has become a firm favourite of ours. Looks great as a sports jacket with grey flannel trousers or with brown shoes and blue jeans for a night out on the town or when out for a nice meal.

Donegal Herringbone Tests

The first is a oatmeal Donegal Herringbone and the other is a black and white Donegal Herringbone. Both of these are available for immediate delivery.

Possible re-run of LL Brown Shetland Tweed with Crimson Window Pane!

I have asked Michael about the possibility of this cloth being re-run as quite a few customers have enquired about it as well as the fact that I am dying to have it made up myself! I will have more information in the near future about if it will go ahead and will let everyone know if it happens but it is looking promising! :-)

Eden in Paris re-run!

This is a classic from the Cloth Club and it is back due to popular demand! I have a length of this myself which was given to me as a gift by a friend and customer in DC, unfortunately I have yet to have it made up but I will get round to it eventually when we have time! As Dad often says.."Its like the cobblers son with no shoes.."

For more details on this re-run please check out the link on the topic below.


LL RAF Blue Linen

This cloth is currently in stock but I havent got too much information on it but for those interested you will find Michael Alden's contact email below.

LL Donkey Flannel

We have made this cloth up for customer in DC in a 3-piece suit, it may not catch the eye like some of the other LL Cloths, but once it was made up it looked fantastic and all of us where very pleased with the outcome.

LL RAF Flannel

This is another that I unfortunately don't have too much info on but again if you are interested you can contact Michael below or I will try to find out for you.

For anyone that is interested in any of these cloths and would like more information please contact Michael Alden at the email address below. As I get more information myself about any other possible re-runs or current stock that Michael has I will post them up on the blog to let everyone see.

I would imagine there will be a lot of people interested in these cloths featured so to avoid disappointment I would advise contacting Michael about subscribing any of the LL cloths before they sell out.


Best wishes,

Matthew DeBoise

Steed Bespoke Tailors


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